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Bruce Jackson: Guestbook


October 23, 2009

Thanks for your voice of experience and wisdom. ,

Lynn (Mackin) Shea

May 2, 2008

Hey, do you mind a blast from the past?
I remembered for some reason that tomorrow is your birthday so Happy Birthday! I always wondered what happend to you. The last time I had any news you had a gig on a cruise ship - I think they had sails back then! I wasn't sure if I had the right person. The drums were a clue but I knew when I saw the pictures. It was great to "see" you! Write back!


October 17, 2007

Hi Bruce, lets get together soon and chat.

Your pal,

Mary Quigley (Terese)

September 2, 2007

Hello Bruce! My brother Peter Giron just directed me to your website, and I LOVE the pictures of my family! And the captions over the photos made me laugh. I especially love the picture of you and the wine bottle corker. . .he is just the cutest! I am planning a trip to gay Paris in December. Peter and Nicole tell me they will have a huge party so people can finally see I really do exist. After more than 20 years I can no longer think of an excuse why I can't go to France. Hope to see you then!- Terese

Pennsylvania James

March 7, 2007

Caught the gig in Woodbridge last Friday. Man you just keep getting better. And Calvin Hill - man can that cat play. And the nicest guy too! I eagerly await the next gig!


February 21, 2007

Hello, nice site!
I'm George, new here!


January 23, 2007

Very interesting website. :)
Good luck and keep up good work. Serj.

u know who

December 29, 2006

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to the swingin-est drummer on the scene....

yo Nat - you will be able to keep perfect time by will come NATurally...

Here's to a happy safe healthy New Year

2007 - the Year of the BBQ

sarah Morrow

December 1, 2006

hey bruce!!! enjoyed reading the journal :) It was great having you play with us-- you sounded amazing and the 800+ crowd loved you!! Hope to see youand play with you again soon. Beautiful pics too-- and at jazz gallery!!!

Pennsylvania James

November 6, 2006

Really dug the show last Friday. Man, did you guys swung. And the drumming was superb - really tasteful and interesting.
I'm definitely gonna make some more gigs!

Carey Reid

August 29, 2006

Whats up big Bro!!
I was looking at the photos.
Looks like you were having a good time!

I'll be on the hunt for the CD to add to the 453 other CD's i own.
I'm sure it's one that will hit my top 10 Jazz CD's!
When your ready for a Remix, Holla at Me

Fred Canavan

June 12, 2006

Wonderfully done! Wish you great success, Bruce. Don't get a big head and snub me and Susan down at Andy's Corner. Break a stick!


May 30, 2006

My husband Tim is a really big jazz fan. I'm gonna order this now for him. Congratulations and wishing you the very best.:-)

Neal Patrone

May 19, 2006

Your album has been in heavy rotation around here. The well thought out song structure paired with your attention to every detail makes for very enjoyable listening. You are a credit to all your influences and mentors.

Rafi Zabor

May 14, 2006

Hey man, it was great to see you. I'm out of the country 61/ to 7/10 so can't make the Jazz Gallery gig. Give my best to Lezlie. Didn't Peter sound great? Hope we'll stay in touch.

Dawn L. Meinga

May 3, 2006

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! I'll try and reach you by phone,but as always I try and do things when I remember.Getting old, memory's short. Nat is sooo cute;congrats to all. I am so happy that you are doing well, and especially that you are doing what you always wanted. Keep in touch SIS 201-679-9696

Charles J Jackson Jr.

May 3, 2006

Happy Birthday. So proud of you, you make me sick. I ordered 3 copies of the CD one for me, one for Pop and one for Mom. Always your biggist fans. The tracks take me back to 170 on a Saturday for the music, chicken sandwich and beer ritual. Thanks for the memories.

Darrick Reid

April 27, 2006

This album proves that music is more than just sound, there is also FEELING! Bravo Bruce and company!

James Jarvie

April 11, 2006

Great CD. I really love "My Ship". Can't wait for the next CD. Hope to check you guys out "live" sometime soon.
Oh, and great cymbal sound.

William T. Jones

April 10, 2006

Just listening to some of the samples on the site Gina sent me. I'm extremely impressed. Your music brings back vivid memories of some of the great musical sounds I heard in the house on Putnum Ave in Brooklyn and the music my father exposed me to every Saturday (long story) when I lived up in Ossining. Best of luck, you guys rock (smile). Oh yeah, of course I will buy the CD.


Kim Reid

April 6, 2006

Really nice. Reminds me of growing up and listening to Coltrane and Brubeck. I'm so happy for you.
You need more pictures on the site.