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Bruce Jackson: Online Lessons

At long last... brush lessons online! - September 18, 2013

I'm pleased to announce that I will be accepting students for brush lessons. This has been a project that has been near and dear to my heart and quite frankly, long overdue. See any of the items below for details, frequently asked questions or contact me at if you have a question that is not listed.

Online Lessons FAQ - Getting connected - September 17, 2013

How do I connect to get a lesson?

Let’s talk about how this works.

Obviously, you’ll need a computer with an Internet connection and a web cam.  While I am not the computer tech I used to be, the faster the connection, the better. Dial up is probably not going to work for you.

We’ll be using Skype to establish a video call between us. So you’re going to need a Skype ID and password.  It’s free, to go onto and get set up. There are tools in Skype that let you test the picture and sound. From there, go find your friends on Skype and call them up to test.

If you have everything set up, and we’ve agreed on a time, let’s connect. The first lesson will be about 30 minutes. There is no charge. This is so you can see what it looks like and if it works for you. It is also to see if I feel you are a good candidate for the lessons being offered. I won't take your money if I don't feel I can help you.

A lesson time that works for us will be determined. We’ll need to figure out time differences so that we don’t miss the video call. For example, if France is 6 hours ahead, and Tokyo is 12 hours ahead, we need to know what time that is for me. Currently, I’m working from the East Coast of the United States (Eastern Standard Time). Lessons are one hour. Please be on time ("on time" means five minutes before our start time) so that we can get right into the material.

Online Lessons FAQ - Age or consent - one or the other - September 16, 2013

A note for my younger students

I’m big on safety on the Internet. So for that reason, I am asking everyone’s age in my lesson profile information, which we will cover in our initial video call.  If you are under the age of 18, I need your parent or guardian’s permission for you to take lessons. Invite them to look in on your first lesson so that they know who your teacher is. 

Online Lessons FAQ - Online Student Profile - September 15, 2013

Here is some information I need to understand your musical background.  Here is what I'd like to know about you:












TELEPHONE (if outside the US, include country and city code):











Online Lessons FAQ - Language - September 14, 2013


Lessons will be taught in English, although I look forward to learning some of your native language (if it is not English) so that we can grow and learn together. Let me know what your primary language is on your profile so that you can hear “yes” “no” and “good” in your native tongue. I’ll give it a go!

Online Lessons FAQ - Equipment - September 13, 2013

What kind of equipment will I need to get started?

Here is the musical equipment you will need.

You’ll need at a minimum (depending on where you are) a snare drum and a set of brushes. The top or batter side of the drum should have a “coated” finish on the drum head. Usually, these heads have a white rough surface applied to them. It is the moving of the brush against this rough surface that will help generate our brush sound. These heads are made by a number of companies, but you will find the most common are:

  • Remo (Ambassador)
  • Evans (G1-coated)
  • Aquarian (Satin Finish or Vintage)

You can also use one of the laminated or synthetic heads designed for the older sound such as the Remo Fiberskyn line. These heads should be medium weight, as in the model names in parentheses noted above.

There are lots of brushes to choose from. There are different materials, handle and wire types. To get started, have a good set of wire brushes. Wire should be straight. No plastic. No gimmicks. Some of the major manufacturers are:

  • Regal Tip
  • Vic Firth
  • Pro Mark
  • Zildjian
  • Ludwig
  • Vater

Select a brush with a comfortable handle (I prefer the rubber wrap, but wood is okay if you find that more comfortable. The wire can be light to medium weight. Go with medium if possible. New is better than used, we’ll cover storage, care and replacement time in lessons.

Keep a notebook and pencil handy. You’ll want to take some notes or write down some questions you have for the lesson or later. We’ll also be noting some of the great past and present brush players.

Online Lessons FAQ - Price and payment procedure - September 12, 2013

What is the procedure for payment for a lesson?

You will need an account with PayPal. In this way, the money gets sent to me electronically. The cost for a lesson is 65 dollars, and funds should be in American currency (American dollars). Payment will need to be sent prior to a lesson. Send it with enough time for the funds to clear so that you are in good standing before the lesson begins. Cleared payments are a requirement prior to the lesson. I can send you an invoice for payment prior to your scheduled lesson.

Online Lessons FAQ - Cancellation and Refund policy - September 11, 2013

What is the policy if we can’t connect on the Internet or if I have an emergency?

There may be times when a lesson cannot take place. Here are some legitimate reasons for not having a lesson:

  • Problems with Skype (not connecting)
  • A personal emergency (family or otherwise)
  • A change in location or schedule due to work

While my goal is for you to get a lesson wherever you are, one of us may be in a location or situation where it is not possible to connect. When these situations occur, I’m more than happy to re-schedule with you. If there is a situation where the lesson cannot be made up and funds have been sent, I will send your payment back to you through PayPal.

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